Traffic Study for the Proposed Integrated Immigration, Custom and Quarantine Complex


Client             :           Northern Gateway Free Zone Sdn. Bhd.

Location      :           District of Kubang Pasu, Kedah Darul Aman


The proposed development has the advantage of being situated at one of major authorized points of entry at the northern border of Peninsular Malaysia from Thailand (the other three being at Padang Besar in Perlis, Pengkalan Kubur and Rantau Panjang in Kelantan).

It is also strategically located about 700 metres from the Malaysia-Thailand border in the north; 8 kilometres from Changlun and 27 kilometres from Jitra. The total land area is 69.93 acre and the Net Floor Area for the proposed development is 70,134.61m2 which is proposed to be a building consisting of Kompleks Kenderaan Ringan, Kompleks Kenderaan Berat, Bus and Taxi Terminal, Immigration Office, Operation Office and Administration Office.

This traffic study has been carry out to study and investigate the traffic impact of the proposed development and the provision of sufficient no. of booth to the various check points, recommendations on the future accessibility of traffic as well as the circulation of traffic within the locality to provide a smooth and efficient traffic movement in the vicinity of the development.

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