Traffic Study for the Penang Bridge Widening


Client             :           Penang Bridge Sdn. Bhd

Location      :           Penang

The widening initiatives were undertaken by PBSB to accommodate the increase in traffic volume which has reached its maximum capacity of 120,000 vehicles per day.

The upgrading works involved widening of the existing bridge from dual 2-lane carriageway to dual 3-lane carriageway for both Penang and Perai bound and construction of Uni-Directional Ramps from North-South Expressway to Perai Industrial Area.

The project which started in December 2005 was successfully completed in August 2009 and was officially launched by the Minister of Works, YB Dato’ Shaziman Abu Mansor on 13 August 2009.

The widening of existing Penang Bridge of 4.8m on each bound provided a total of 3 lanes leading toward Penang Island and 3 lanes leading toward Butterworth with a 2m motorcycle lane of each.

The implementation of Penang Bridge Widening Project is just on time to accommodate high traffic volume (as high as 155,000 no of vehicle), especially during school holiday and festive season on the bridge and as a safety measure to reduce amount of accident.

It will also improve the traffic flow and diminish numerous congestions on the bridge.  Indirectly, it will shorten traveling time and develop quality of transportation efficiency for the motorist so as to contribute to the development of Penang State in harmony with the preserved infrastructure facilities.


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